Photographing a wedding

In early December, I was the official photographer at the wedding of a dashing captain of the Dukes and his lovely wife-to-be.

Although I’ve attended a fair number of weddings in my life, and have also taken photographs at them, especially when they involved close friends or family members, this was only the second time I was ‘official’. My first time was in February this year, when I photographed the Handfasting Ceremony of friends of mine at Oudekraal.

Although I was initially nervous, it went really well. Everyone had a great time, as did I, and I captured some lovely shots. The couple were so happy with the pictures that they even created a slideshow on their special wedding website: and!wedding-preparation/c1p5h.

Now isn’t that cool?


2 thoughts on “Photographing a wedding

    • I think there is something quite magical about weddings, Paprika. It was amazing to have an opportunity to capture some of that on camera. I hope they will be very happy for many years to come.

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