Knusperhäuschen x 2

One of my favourite German Christmas traditions is to bake and decorate a Knusperhäuschen made of Lebkuchen.

Little N's beautiful Knusperhäuschen

Little N’s beautiful Knusperhäuschen

This year, we didn’t get around to baking one – it’s actually not that easy to create the right size slabs for the roof and the walls etc. so that they all fit nicely together – but luckily, my friend Colette now creates DIY sets of her absolutely delectable gingerbread houses. They’re very simple to assemble, consisting of two roof slabs that make up an A-frame, plus one rear wall with a window hole and one front wall with a door. And a large foundation slab underneath.

We thus whipped together a thick paste of icing sugar and egg white (one portion of egg white to five portions of sifted icing sugar) to a smooth creamy consistency. I’d bought a whole array of different sweets, chocolates and licorices from the shops, and so we spent a happy hour or so sticking them higgledy-piggledy all over the different slabs.

Hubby the engineer and house builder ‘glued’ together all the components. As it was a hot day, it didn’t take long for the paste to harden sufficiently so that the house wouldn’t collapse again. Finally, it was time to decorate the ‘garden’, until there were no gaps left. We even hid some of the sweets inside the house, as a bonus surprise.

A couple of days later, we visited our good friends L and V, and Little N, and helped them to assemble and decorate their DIY Knusperhäuschen. Little N was very good about helping us to stick on chocolate smarties, jelly babies, jelly tots, jelly beans and licorice allsorts.

We had a LOT of fun.

Here are some pictures of the more professional version of the Knusperhäuschen – made by my friend Colette and her friendly helper elves: A Christmas slideshow.


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