Meeting Flash

We visited some friends of ours in Mouille Point for lunch one warm Sunday in December. After catching up with each others’ lives over a delicious lunch on their balcony, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, we headed down to the seaside Promenade with their elderly border collie Flash. Flash is a recent addition to their household, as she was adopted from a shelter only last year. She had been abandoned there by her previous owners – and luckily rescued by our warmhearted friends.

I’d been looking forward to meeting her. She turned out to be a sweet-tempered, friendly dog, who loved chasing a ball around the apartment… and going for a leisurely walk-and-sniff along the promenade.

At this time of year, when so many children ask to be given cute and cuddly puppies or kittens as Christmas presents, it is worth remembering that our many animal shelters are overflowing with abandoned, neglected and rejected dogs and cats, all longing to find a good home and a forever family. I really hope that their stories will have happy new beginnings.


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